Meetups & PR

Python Ireland meetups are held on the 2nd Wednesday monthly regardless if there are talks or not. If it’s the latter, then a pub meetup is organised instead.

A few things need to be done:


Following are locations we have had our social meetups and talks.



  • Camden Palace Hotel
  • Clarion Hotel
  • Franciscan Well



  • BAML
  • Amazon
  • DogPatch Labs
  • Central Hotel
  • DIT
  • Jury’s Inn, Parnell Street
  • Science Gallery (studio upstairs)


  • Agains the Grain (upstairs and downstairs)
  • Bull and Castle (Beer Hall) (upstaris are big and provides free chickern wings)
  • Karma Stone
  • Longstone
  • Lord Edward’s Bar and Lounge
  • Market Bar
  • Neary’s
  • O’Neill’s, Pearse Street
  • Slattery’s Bar & Early House
  • The Black Sheep Downstairs are good!
  • The Grand Central
  • The Schoolhouse Pub
  • Trinity Capital Hotel
  • Harbar Masters
  • Lincon’s Inn


  • 091Labs
  • DERI
  • Forster Court pub
  • McSwiggans Bar and Restaurant
  • The Galway Arms
  • The Westwood bar


  • Organiser(s) contact number / Twitter name / email
  • Sponsors
  • Talkers
  • Projector (if required)
  • Confirmation of location (if reserved)
  • If paying on the night, contact directors. [2]
  • Receipt from venue/service, if expensing.
  • Confirmation with talkers 2 days before


  • Get slides off presenter (from past experience, speakers tend to only have slides ready right before the talks starts.)

Other events

Aside from meetups (talks and social), Python Ireland also organises other events, e.g. sprints, unconferences, co-org with other user groups.

Types of Events

TODO: More info


If funding is required, please see Funding page for more information.

[1]Email to ask orgraniser to add you as co-organiser of an event in
[2]Ask current directors. If unsure, email