Python Ireland 2014 AGM

AGM took place in Science Gallery on 2014-11-12.

Note taker: Michael Twomey

AGM Report from Diarmuid

  • 2014 recap
    • Python Ireland
    • PyCon 2014
  • 2015 plans
    • Meetups
    • PyCon 2015
    • Workshops
    • Regional Officer

2014 financial report from Vicky


  • Ballsbridge Hotel occurred multiple times, is that a mistake?
    • Each of the deposits and payments appear individually
  • (Question on cash)
    • Cash flow issue with PyCon for deposits, which is why a large cash reserve is kept
  • What was the turn out for PyCon?
    • Extra 30 people, about 10% increase, 349 total

Regional Officer

Creating a sub-committee, possibly one per region. Goal is to run local events.

Committee Voting

Proposed committee:

  • Diarmuid Bourke (Chair) (Currently has access to bank a/c)
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee (Treasurer) (Currently has access to bank a/c)
  • David Markey (Ordinary Member) (Currently has access to bank a/c)
  • Brian McDonnell (Ordinary Member)
  • Barisa Obradovic (Ordinary Member)
  • Andrea Fagan (Secretary)
  • Jakub Jarosz (Ordinary Member)
  • Mick Twomey (Ordinary Member) (Currently has access to bank a/c)
  • Gerry Boland (Ordinary Member)
  • Proposal: if there are no objections we will vote this in as the new committee
  • No objections
  • Audience voted in favour of new committee (approximately 30 people)