Choosing a date

Our first conference was held in July but we realised that people are away on holidays and clashing with PyCon UK and EuroPython didn’t quite work out for us at the time.

PyCon Ireland’s (second and third) has been held on the second weekend of October because:-

  • Avoid clashing with GAA finals at the end of September which can sometimes bleed into early October.
  • Try to avoid Octocon which has its own con on either second or third weekend of October.
  • Avoid Gaelcon - Ireland’s largest gaming convention on October Bank Holiday Weekend.

Things to note when picking dates:

  • Not clashing with other PyCons, check PyCon Events Calendar
  • Not clashing with local geek events (check EventBrite, Lanyrd, Eventsden,, etc.) [1]
  • July - Summer vacation for many, and students are off college. This is also peak period for travelling and accommodation.
  • September to early November are conference months. Late November and December will be going into Christmas party period.

[1]Update this list of you find other places to find out when local, especially tech, events are on.