It is important to have at least a few committee members following up with companies to see if they are interested in sponsoring the conference, especially important is the following up. It is up to the individual on how many times they contact the companies though. :-)

Shout-outs via tweets (RT/MT), FB, LinkedIN, Lanyard and via our own python.ie site are the initial steps to get general interests. We do have contacts with previous sponsors, so a personal individual email to initialise the process is also advised.


Initial brochure were based on PyCon US, PyCon UK and EuroPython sponsorship brochures.

Current:- PyCon Ireland 2012 Brochure

Previous brochures

The brochure currently is maintained by Vicky Twomey-Lee, and is created using Pages. [1] The Sponsorship Brochure is re-visited early every year to update and re-balance the various sponsorship options which depends on how the previous conference went.


Previous PyCon Ireland sponsors, see http://python.ie/companies/.

  • There’s a spreadsheet [1] with sponsors contacts, the organisers will have access to that doc.
    • Add any new (potential) sponsor contacts with as much detail as you can give.
    • Update existing sponsor details.
    • Any questions, email sponsors@python.ie


Swag are goodies provided from various companies (not necessarily sponsors) that are placed in delegates swag bag, they normally consists of:-

  • Company inserts / fliers
  • T-shirts
  • Vouchers
  • Mugs (2012)
  • PyCon Ireland t-shirt
  • PyCon Ireland conference programme
  • Pens
  • Magazines


Prizes are normally for a raffle during the meal on the main conference day, which is currently Saturday.

The first two years we donated the proceeds to PSF after selling raffle tickets. In 2012, we opted that everyone who registered (excluding the organisers) will be included in the raffle automatically and names are randomly picked (idea was thanks to EuroPython 2012). We didn’t collect monies, so there was no charity donation in 2012.

There are two ways to request for prizes:-

  • Ask a company directly for prizes.
  • When speaking with a sponsor, they might include prizes.

NOTE: Details of companies who sponsored us prizes will be in the sponsors doc as well.

[1](1, 2) Ask Vicky (whykay@python.ie).